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Ear Sense earrings are specially manufactured to conform to or exceed with the US and European standards set for Nickel-Free earrings.  No inferior metals that contain nickel are used in the manufacture of these earrings.

Every part of our Ear Sense earrings including the post, the front, and the clutch, is nickel free. Our Sleepers are plated in 22ct pure Gold and Sterling Silver. 

Ear Sense earrings have a Lifetime Guarantee against sensitivity and we stand behind our product with full back up and support. It is important to understand that a certain percentage of people are extremely sensitive to contact with metals and at this level of sensitivity even nickel-free earrings may still cause irritation. The only option for these customers maybe gold, silver or surgical stainless-steel earrings. Ear Sense earrings represent a high-quality alternative to these expensive metals at a very reasonable price point which will suit 99% of your customers.


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